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A thought from the Founder

A thought from the Founder


To Our Embellish Beauty Community,



We indeed are in such tumultuous times.  My heart is broken for a nation that is in deep pain followed by a broken system. There are times that it's beyond hard to see the beauty in such an ugly world. I too understand that I must continue to serve and pray for this nation as we continue to fight for equality. Selling lipstick seems unimportant during such an uncertain time. However, I look onward to create in such a challenging time because it brings about comfort. Last week we witnessed with many, the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police. I have seen many things in my life but the disregard for human life is gut wrenching and heartbreaking. As a mother of 2 blacks boys, this reality is down right frightening. My sole goal is to build a strong community and company that represents, builds, and unites the beauty in all of us. During this time, we have decided to donate 10% of the proceeds to the Black Lives Matter Coalition. Thank you so much for your support during such a trying time! We appreciate and love our community. My prayer is that we all are united to make a better America. We are grateful to have you and your support.



With Love,




Embellish Beauty Concepts, LLC.

Founder/Beauty Expert


Cruelty Free     Paraben Free    Non Toxic  


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