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LIP Color Combo

LIP Color Combo

Our best lip colors for Fall 2022 –



Can you believe that we are now in the midst of fall!? Now it’s time to reinvent your makeup bag with fun colors that are rich with deep red hues. There is a red lipstick for everyone. To really search for the perfect red, you must discover which tone you are, Cool or warm? The best way to discover your tone is to examine the inside of your arm. If you have blue veins, then go with cooler tones. For green veins go with the warmer tones. Our must have bundle is our Slay all day bundle which is your pick of any, of our red lipsticks in Fine Wine, Scarlet, Red Carpet, Boss, or Moulin Rouge accompanied with our stable red fine wine lip gloss.


Check out our latest launch of our liners on October 7. Use code LIPLINER22 to get 15% off.




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