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The Cat Look-  Halloween 2020

The Cat Look- Halloween 2020

 The Halloween Makeup Look!

How to create the perfect Cat Look:






Skin Prep: Tatcha Enriching Renewal Cream

I love using Danessa Myricks for these type of looks because the makeup is water proof.

Brows: Use Danessa Myricks Color fix in Rootbeer. Apply a small pea size with a brow brush giving light strokes to the brow creating a more dynamic and pronounced brow.

Eyes: Use Danessa Myricks Nude on the lids to build a base. You can use a warmer color depending on your skin tone. Next Use Rootbeer as a liner to create a dramatic liner. Use the same liner on the bottom.

Skin: Use a small amount of Maybeline Dewy Smooth to balance out the skin. Set the skin with a translucent powder. Use Colorfix in dark brown shading the nose connecting upward into the brows. Use  Colorfix blackout to trace the tip of the nose filling in.

Cheeks: Use Danessa Myricks color fix in soft pink. Use a small pea size with a brush sweeping just the cheeks.

Lips: Use Embellish Gold Digga on the bottom Lip and Color Fix in blackout drawing the top lip in and drawling a fine line using a liner brush with blackout and create small dots.

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