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2020 Is All About Exfoliating

2020 Is All About Exfoliating

2020 has been full of uncertainty but one thing that has been at the forefront of our daily routine is skincare. We have spent approximately 110 days in quarantine and when taking a run to grab essentials, our face is covered with a mask. Exfoliation can be a very difficult step if you aren't sure on products and what steps to implement. Always start with a cleanser followed by an exfoliant, then a toner and don't forget the moisturizer. 

What exactly is exfoliation? 

Exfoliation is a step in your skincare routine that is needed to remove, lift, and enlighten your beautiful face. The significant point in exfoliating is to remove dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin with the hope of revealing a brighter, more radiant complexion underneath. It can improve and enhance the appearance of your skin and allow your routine to really penetrate giving a beautiful result.


Selecting the best exfoliant depends on your skin type and your skin sensitivities. Whether your skin has a mild or more severe acne, using the right exfoliate will soften the skin and reduce the amount of breakouts. Try adding an exfoliate and work up to a few times a week.  

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