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The Movement of Black Lives Matter

The Movement of Black Lives Matter


You may ask why it matters, or why now? I come from a diverse background where we are so mixed in ethnicity that color is not a conversation. However, professionally, I have always pushed to feel equal, even in the diverse world of artistry. I have often felt overshadowed by my white counterparts even when I knew that my skillset was on the same level or even greater than theirs. 

I am a wife, and mother to three incredible children, 2 sons and a daughter. Our family has experienced racism, and we have always had conversations about it, but it has never felt as heavy as it does now. It is through the lens of my husband and children, I have witnessed racism in a way that deeply saddens me to my core.

 My husband is an accountant with a degree from Temple University. He works as a controller, and despite his professional accomplishments, often asks me to handle certain matters because he believes they would be received differently from me versus him. My husband has experienced racial profiling from the police. For example, he walked home from the train station daily after work, and one night a policeman followed him the entire 1.2- mile walk home! 

My oldest son is 22 years old, and I constantly find myself reminding him that he cannot do the same things as his white friends. My daughter, at only 10 years old has a deep understanding of race, even at such a young age. I remember just last year; she was so excited about Halloween. She went to school that day and a white student said, "Hey Karly you look blacker than normal". My daughter went immediately to the teacher and this kid was suspended and missed the parade. I am so proud of her; she is so strong and fights for what is right without a thought. 

It's important to understand the foundation this country was built, and it is troubling when I hear "All Lives Matters", Yes indeed, we all should matter but I believe that we must fight against racism and the fight for equality is crucial to a better America. I believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is working to fight against systemic racism. Therefore, we at Embellish Beauty have committed to share part of our profit from sales with Black Lives Matter. Thank you for supporting our brand! Together, we can do our part to create a better future for our children, and for America!

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