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Saving The Best For Last

Saving The Best For Last


This day was so special. My day started at 4 am. That's right, 4am was my wakeup call time for a hair and makeup appointment for our now former FemCity President Jennifer Lynn Robinson. I wasn't sure what the day would hold and I had no plans to attend in fact I was already committed. There were two canceled attendees which allowed me the opportunity to showcase my very own lipstick and lipgloss Line by Embellish Beauty. From the time that I launched this line until now there was so much that has happened, so much thought that has gone into perfecting the final piece. Everyday there is a fight and different struggle that I haven't really shared. Sometimes you have to put on that Embellished Smile and continue on with grace. One of these days real soon I will be able to share the authenticity of the real struggle and those internal fights that I may have had to get to this stage. There are many people that may have it all already, meaning they are already set up. I am not however the process has been challenging but so worth it.

This event was truly a blessing. It was well attended with some of the most prestiges women entrepreneurs. Vittoria Woodill, CBS Reporter was interviewed by Jennifer Lynn Robinson. Thank you Jennifer for supporting me and inviting me to participate in such a great event. I also enjoyed taking the mic and sharing my story.

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