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Our black liner is waterproof and weather resistant. The tip is mess and leak proof. Easy application! No latex or magnetic particle.

How to apply your lashes:

1) Start with clean eyelids. 

2) Shake well before use.

3) Always test the liner on the back of your hand to ensure you have no allergic reactions.

4) Measure the magnetic lash band against the lining of your natural lash. Note that the shorter part of the lash will start in the inner corner.  Trim one magnetic off if needed.

5) Apply at least 2-3 coats of the power liquid liner to the lids, getting as close to the base of your natural lashes as possible.

6) Allow the liner to dry for 8-12  seconds . The liner should be 80% dry

7) Grab the magnetic lashes by the lash band so the magnets on the lash band are exposed. You'll want to attach the lashes so that the shorter lengths are closest to the inner eye.

8) Apply the lash immediately after the liner appears dry.

9) Do not reposition more than once without reapplying more liner.

10) Marry the lash and your natural lash with your fingers. Give it a good press

11) When time for removal, gently pull them away from your lashes and store them in your lash case. Always store the liner upside down to keep the liquid always at the tip of the pen.

12) Lashes can be worn up to 40 times if handled with care.